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Available power gain

The available power gain, text_wrap_inline2985, is defined as the ratio of the power available from the amplifier text_wrap_inline2987 to the power available from the source text_wrap_inline2941, i.e., the load is conjugately matched to the output port of the amplifier, text_wrap_inline2991,


For a given set of S-parameter, text_wrap_inline2985 depends only on text_wrap_inline2883. Hence text_wrap_inline2997 is very useful for investigating the effect of the source on the amplifier power gain. Note that we can find text_wrap_inline2985 using the equation of text_wrap_inline2925 by replacing text_wrap_inline3003 with text_wrap_inline2851 and text_wrap_inline2885 with text_wrap_inline2883.

In general, text_wrap_inline2945 and text_wrap_inline3013. Hence text_wrap_inline2937 is the smallest in value. If both the input and output ports are conjugately matched then text_wrap_inline3017, where text_wrap_inline3019 is the maximum power gain.