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Quasi-unilateral design

However, if the text_wrap_inline3393, we may also treated the device as unilateral for the design. If we assume text_wrap_inline2965 for a non-unilateral device, what is the amount of error resulting from gain calculation? The transducer power gain of a non-unilateral device is
Hence the bounds of the ratio between the actual transducer power gain and the transducer gain when treating the device as unilateral is
If we use complex conjugated matching text_wrap_inline2975, text_wrap_inline2977 for both terminals. The bounds become

Example if U=0.1 then the error is less than text_wrap_inline3403 1 dB. If the error is acceptable, we may apply the design procedures in unilateral design for an unconditionally stable device such that calculation can be simplified.